Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rectangle Granny Afghan

Hi! I finished this afghan up recently, had it 1/2 finished for a while, but it's done now! It's made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, about 12 oz of each of the solid colors, and about 3 oz of the verigated color, and a J hook. You can find the pattern here, by Erin Lindsay. This blanket will be going to the local (Athens, Alabama) DHR in my city here, and will be loved by a little girl. It is a good lapghan sized blanket, perhaps about 40"X 50" or so; not sure. I just made it until it would fit over me comfortably, and cover me up a bit. :) If you would like to make blankets for your local DHR office, just do a search for DHR in your state, then find your local office. E-mail them, letting them know what you'd like to do. The one here in Athens was very quick to call me back, and sounded so surprised that anyone would want to do something like this. If you would like some ideas, and perhaps more help in contacting your local DHR, please check out my VERY NEW (tonight) charity yahoo groups website here, called Sweet Dream Blankies. Thank you so much for reading this, and have a great night!

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