Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fleece Blankets, FINISHED!

Hi! Here are pictures of some fleece blankets that I've recently completed, for the local Project Linus group, that will give them to babies in the various hospitals in the Huntsville/Madison Alabama area. These were all made with fleece that was given to me by a very generous lady, who will remain anonymous. Thank you so much! The pattern for the edging is my own, but I will post it here to share. It is very basic! With one yard of fleece, you can cut it just right so that you get one piece big enough for a child's blanket or lapghan, and then 2 more newborn size blankets. That's why I usually have 2 of a color the same size (like the solid pinks on the right, and the solid purple on the left). This works out really well though, because these will be used in the NICU of a hospital. Many times twins (or larger multiples as well) will need to spend some time in the NICU before they go home. I try to make the edging a different color for each twin, because they are different people after all. However, I can't always do that if I don't have yarn that will match. I really enjoy doing these, and I know they'll be used.

Thanks for reading!

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