Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crochetville Purses!!

Hi! Here are some pictures of the crochetville tote bags that I've made up for prizes for the Secret Pal Swap for last round. It's taken me a while to complete them, and they don't have their linings in yet (my sewing machine has been down...) but here they are! The blue one was made using just squares from laughlovehook (screenname) from Ohio. They were joined in black, and I put a black crochet handle on them. I think it turned out really nice! The pinks one was made from squares from the following people:
Ashley in UT
Rosemeri in FL
Melissa from PA
Laughlove hook from OH (the unmarked squares)

These ladies did a beautiful job on the totes, and the winners of the drawing will love them, I'm sure. Thank you for helping with this! I'll be working on more for this round's prizes, as well as possibly an entire afghan to auction off to raise money for crochetville. Thank you so much for helping! More to come!

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Glasgow Lindsay said...

Hi Vickie,

Thanks for posting these great pictures. Love the blog what a nice idea thanking people and carrying on the goodwill.

I think laughlovehook is Megan and she made 66 squares the most of anyone from the Secret Pal group! Happy crocheting and good luck with all your charity work! Best Wishes, Lindsay